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Why the need for this website?
Click Here to go to the menu for: the Scriptural reasons why the church has replaced Israel, today, why we are NOT in the end times now (we are in the beginning stages of the Millennium), why you never have to worry about going through the great tribulation, but America does have to worry about reaping from the sins she has sown, and is currently sowing, 10 things your pastor either doesn't know or is afraid to preach, click here
Click Here to go to the menu for: the Political reasons why you (and America) should DUMP ISRAEL, DUMP THE FED (including the national debt), stop Israels spying on America, stop ALL foreign aid (including the $6b to Israel annually, and what we pay Egypt in Foreign Aid to stay subservient to the Zionists), end dual country citizenship (of whom I estimate 99% are Israeli-Americans), examine the role Israel or the Mossad or the Talmudic Jews and-or their proxys' played in financing: Hamas, Black Lives Matter Riots, Ukraine provocation of Russia, 911 to kick start US wars of agression against all Israels enemies in the Middle East, the OKC bombing (Murrah building, to quash the growing militia movement and get the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 (AEDPA) passed), JFK-assassination (who opposed letting Israel have nukes, and actually took us off FERNS and put us back on non interest bearing US-Notes). Stop the war-mongering, in Gaza, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afganistan,etc. We could have peace if the USA would stop being the world bully. For info on issues like that, click here
Click Here to go to the menu for: Sign-the-Petition.com
Click Here to go to the menu for: is there a war on health?
Click Here to go to the menu for: what will it take for God to "Heal our Land" and restore prosperity,
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