Why the need for this web site

Change what the Church (universal, not any one specific denomination, but all denominations, and even the un-churched elect) believes about church & state relations, Israel, the Jews, and the Great Commission, and then the Church will see how far she is missing the mark of what God wants (expects) the Church to be doing. She will see her National Sin (not talking about individual private sins, here, though it is good to repent of those too). Only when the church repents of her National Sin, and starts obeying God in these areas, will the land will get healed.

2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

So, What is the Church's National Sin?

Not protecting the innocent, the unbeliever, and the children as we should. How many children have been aborted (all should have been placed in adoptive parents homes and the pregnant abortress provided for by either church or even govt. funds). How many children got damaged from COVID19 vaxx shots and mask wearing? See also here.

How many seniors died ALONE, ISOLATED, un-held, un-touched, in old folks homes while their loved ones talked thru windows on cell phones to them. The church has not insisted that we prosecute the guilty, but instead we have left them in office to repeat their crimes against our youth.

For not cleaning up our out-of-control-Federal Govt.; For not REQUIRING of our Fed Govt, as a first priority, that we get off FERNS (Federal Reserve Notes). A child born in 2023 will have a $78,089 share of publicly held federal debt. FERNS are paper backed by nothing [except the full faith and credit of the US govt. thus we have a medium-of-exchange, but no store-of-value in FERNS, Real money is supposed to be both]. The worst thing about letting an untrustworthy group of private bankers print as much money as they desire is that inflation is the hidden tax that steals from everyones wallet diluting the money supply and driving up prices on everybody except the first counter-feiter (the Fed bankers) who spent the newly printed money on old low prices.

The second worst thing about FERNS is the untrustworthy bankers, private stockholders in the Fed (almost all Talmudic Jews), get to spend our money, (effectively un-audited, current Fed audits are a joke) wherever and on whomever they wish, resulting in them eventually buying up anything and everything they want. What they cant buy, they can control thru bribery, blackmail, assassination, lawfare, etc. The church needs to REQUIRE our Fed Govt to put us back on US Notes {created by our own US Treasury Dept} tightly audited for inflation control, or even better get us back on gold and silver coin, as the constitution REQUIRES. Then our money would have STORE-OF-VALUE, as well as medium-of-exchange, and be non-inflate-able. Presently we only have medium-of-exchange, which evey crypto currency also has, e.g. BitCoin, Monero, etc. Oh, they will object, we cant eliminate paper dollars, who wants to carry around a pocket full of coins. Too heavy, not practical. But think about this. A 1 oz gold coin is worth approx $2,000. So a 1/10 oz gold coin is worth $200. How much cash are you carrying on your person right now? $200 worth? Are you telling me you think a 1/10th oz gold coin is heavier than your entire wallet full of paper and plastic? You KNOW that $200 worth of gold and silver coin is entirely manageable to carry on ones person.

The Church is guilty of:

Not running Christian Candidates and then supporting them with equal or greater dollars as the Talmudic Jews do, their candidates. We have no good Christian Candidates for President of the US coming up in 2024. All are Zionist controlled, except for Shiva4President.com and he has some alarming policies. Trump is absolutely in Israels pocket. See my future article on Problems with Trump.

The Church is guilty:

For not organizing into a Christian Commonwealth and running this country for the glory of God (which would prove to be the best for EVERYBODY, unbelievers, todays phony Jews (Rev 2:9; Jn 4:21,23; Phil 3:2; Romans 2:28; Heb 10:9; Gal 6:15), Muslims, even Athiests as LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THY SELF, and DO GOOD TO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD WANT THEM TO DO UNTO YOU) prevailed across a Christian America.. Instead we let the synagogue of satan take over and run it for the Devil.

For mis-interpreting the Great Commission, thinking that "Go therefore and make Disciples of ALL the Nations" means just the individuals in those nations. No, it means their National Governments too "teaching them to observe ALL that I have commanded you" AFTER that is, making your own govt. an example of Godliness for all other nations to follow. It is OBVIOUS that you will need to disciple your own government first. Presently the GAY rainbow flag flies from every US embassy in the world. Virtually all other nations in the UN voted to sanction Israel for blasting off arms and legs of little Palestinian children, voted FOR a cease fire, but the good ole Talmudic Jew Controlled USA vetoed that.

Virtually ALL-the-world hates us, for our empire building, secret CIA assassinations, regime changes, NATO expansion, blowing up the NordStream2 pipeline to keep Europe dependent on US petroleum, Killing to enforce the petro-dollar, COVID relief funds offering countries $Billions if they will play along with the pandemic scam, have forced vaccinations, shutter businesses, on and on. Why would a foreign government want to play along with that? 1)to get billions in COVID dollars, and 2) increase their control over their own population. Set legal precedents for forced vaccinations, forced mask mandates, forced curfews, forced quarantine in your own homes policies, forced show your vaxx card to be allowed to travel, to go to work, etc. We are now at war with an imaginary enemy the virus, and you should be grateful to your govt. for SAVING YOU from the enemy. Everyone who resisted these forced measures is a non-patriot and health hazzard. They should be locked up. See, now you just got rid of all the govt's enemies and got paid $billions to do it. How many foreign govts. went along with this conspiracy.' How many US State govts did too. DeSantis kept Florida half way sane throughout all this. Too bad he is such a Zionist.

Particularly applicable for America today is

Rev 18:4 (written in 62 AD by John on Patmos) ... Come out of her (Talmudic Judaism of the 60's' AD), my people (Christians of Jewish descent), that ye be not partakers of her (the scarlet womans) sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."

Talmudic Judaism is the great whore in Revelation, Babylon the Great, the scarlet woman riding the beast (Nero's Rome), that great city (Jerusalem) where our Lord was crucified, the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus; i.e. Christians are called to come out of, reject, denounce, oppose Talmudic Judaism. Instead, America (and most of the evangelical Church) are in bed with Talmudic Judaism.

Whats so bad about Talmudic Judaism? Just read what the Talmud says about Jesus Christ (currently boiling in hot excrement in hell), we Gentiles (we are goy, cattle, not human, we exist to serve the Jew) and the future coming Jewish Messiah. Learn of their plan for world domination by watching the video: The illustrated Protocols of the Elders of Zion-5-min, or for even more in depth info listen to the mp3: Protocols-of-Zion-x-Hugh-Akins-1-hour.

We are NOT talking about your average American secular Jew who does not go to Synagogue, hasn't read the Talmud in years, just wants to make money, live the American dream, and be left alone. I.e. your doctor, lawyer, CPA, neighbor with a last name of Cohen, or Feinburg, etc. who THINKS they are Jewish because of their last name and some vague connection to a blood line. They are not the problem. In fact it could be argued that with their superior work ethic and intelligence, they are helping to prosper the American economy.

What would a healed land look like?

Less politicians putting Israels interests ahead of our own ($billions to defend Israels borders from Hamas w. 2 aircraft carrier groups, advisors and armament galore, but no $ for our own southern border as of Dec 2023),

Less wars for the Zionists (USA risks WW3 over Ukraine, & the latest Israel - Hamas war 2023,

But other wars we have fought FOR the Talmudists and or Zionists are:

COVID (see the 55 minute video Every Single Aspect of COVID is Jooish),

Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afganistan. Note what religion do you think these war-hawks who clamored for the Iraq invasion are? Rumsfeld, Wolfawitz, Irving and William Kristol, Frederick, Donald, and Robert Kagan, Richard Perle, David Frum (speech writer for Bush), Michael Gershom (head speech writer for Bush,grandfather was Jewish), Doug Feith (under SecDef), Michael Chertof, Michael Ledeen, Scooter Libby, Charles Krauthammer, Stephen Bryen, Dov Zakheim, John Podhoretz, Elliot Abrams, James Schlesinger, Marc Grossman, and Joshua Bolten see https://astutenews.com/2019/05/the-25-jewish-neocons-who-got-us-into-the-iraq-war/ see also https://ifamericansknew.org/us_ints/nc-pilger.html about "a new pearl harbor" and PNAC and 911 911-war-on-terror,

WW2 against Germany who had recently kicked out the Jews from their land then the good ole USA financed and equipped Communist Joe Stalin to help defeat (the great fighter against the Talmudic Jews and the Communists) Adolf Hitler (who delivered Germany, down and bleeding after WW1 from the Talmudic Jew national debt, and prospered Germany like no other nation at its time, during the depression 1930's' therefore he must be the most libel'd man ever, by the victors (allies, America, England, France, Russia, etc.) history books, see The Holohoax blamed on Hitler and the National Socialists-video-5-min'). Let us adopt Hitlers good ideas (too numerous to list here), and abandon his bad (his racism, the army can never retreat, cut out the Old Testament and throw it away because it is too Jewish, suppress all private and sectarian education and promote govt. schools only, his evolutionary world view i.e. the strong race will dominate, and rightfully so, the weak ones need to be weeded out over time.

Note, this is the opposite of Christianity which teaches that the strong, instead of eliminating the weak, help the weak, teach the weak, and lend their strength to the weak, guiding them in the right way to glorify God with their unique gifts. Then the strong trust that God will give them increase, as they give aid to others, even as the Strong Man Jesus lent his strength to the weak [humanity] and rescued us from the Fathers wrath), so God raised Him up to have the name above EVERY OTHER name, and gave Him all authority in heaven and earth. He gave and gave, even His own life, to help the weak, He was the ultimate faithful example. I repeat, in Christianity, the Strong HELP the weak, they do not eliminate them so that the strong can have all the goodies for themselves, as is the Jewish World View, and also the evolutionary world view.)

and WW1 which was egged on by the Zionist press in all nations so that the nominally Christian monarchies would kill each other off and a world govt called the League of Nations controlled by the Talmudic Jew International Bankers, could be set up), see How America was suckered into WW1 43min mp3 file

There would be less inflation and national debt, less deception of the masses by the Zionist Main Stream Media, (see who owns the media) less gay Pride pushed on us by the Talmudic Jews and their stooges (the democrats), less race war (blacks being brain washed to hate whitey pushed on us by the Zionist media and our own racist politicians e.g. Obummer, Biden [whose DOJ and HomeLand Security heads, both Jews, think White Supremacism is the nations number 1 terror threat ]. They arrive at this conclusion by looking at the demographics of all the mass murders, mass shootings in America over the last 20-30 years. Almost all white. Then they go to the shooters home computer or email and find quotes about Hitler and usually anti-semitic comments. If there are none there, they manufacture some.

I maintain that these shooters are all being mind controlled by the CIA/Mossad. You just cant shoot a little kid in a grade school, watch him scream out in pain, and move on to the next one, time after time, till you have killed dozens. Not unless you simply see all of them as little targets, and are being mind controlled by some drug or high tech energy field vibrating particles in your brain, or some pain-pleasure brain implant is affecting you.' Notice how quickly these shootings are immediately declared A FEDERAL CRIME SCENE. Hands off state and county law enforcement. Then the Feds come in and cover it all up. No, we didn't find any transmitter on the collar of his shirt, no we didnt find any electro-conductive fluid injected in his brain, no there was no sign of hallucegenic drugs' I guess it was just a white supremeist hate crime. Damn Nazis, Damn anti-semites. Now lets get this anti-gun bill passed that we had waiting in the wings.

The deep state has already admitted that they are now able to hack into the human brain. (link soon coming, but in the mean time, go to https://www.dailywire.com/news/wut-scientists-hack-brain-control-body-paul-bois). The crime solution here is to keep the feds out and let the State and County investigators thoroughly question and physically examine the shooter (keep him alive if possible, when the cops take him at the crime scene). Knowing what they are looking for will help immensely. Under long and repeated interrogation WERE YOU PSYCHOLOGICALLY CONDITIONED OR HYNOTIZED to do this shooting? Are there any transmitters or small metallic objects of ANY kind on his clothes or person. Has his brain been operated on. Whats the fluid inside his head composed of. Does he report being pain-pleasure controlled into pulling the trigger. Does he even remember doing the shooting. Why these kids, why this school, why now, etc. Does he report up to anyone. Does he feel like he is being controlled in any way? What way? Do your think the Feds go to all this trouble? NO, they just want the Media to report WHITE SUPREMICIST MASS MURDERER, NAZI, ANTI-SEMITE.

But continuing on with What would a healed land look like? less illegals streaming across our open borders, less terror in America, less COVID deception, less bullying of other countries by the war hawk zionists and USA Neo-cons (most of whom are Talmudic Jews), provoking WW3; less wrath of God, upon America, more peace, prosperity, and brotherly love and love-of-God from everyone.