---- How to Return America to Prosperity

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Study what God has done in recent history (1800's till now') whenever nations got as decadent as ours is today. Things got worse, then bottomed out for about a decade with The French Revolution, then the nation was rescued by Napoleon. Spain over run by the Jews and their "republican forces" finally resued by Franco in the 1930's with the help of Hitler'. Germany, over run by the Jews after WW1 during the Weimar Republic of the 1920's and early 30's 'when Berlin became the sin capitol of the world, unemployment at record high levels, debauchery and homosexual films and porn books common all thru the streets of Berlin, Jews in control of Banking, Commerce, News Media, Judgeships, Entertainment industries, unable to make their WW1 versailles Treaty war reparations payments to the allied powers, a virtually bankrupt government, suicides at an all time high, birth rates non-existent, Germany was down and bleeding when Adolf Hitler took over in 1933 and in 4 short years, EVERYTHING had turned around, Germany was a hard working prosperous powerhouse of a nation. How about Russia, When the Talmudic Jew planned and financed Russian revolution took place in 1917, Russia went steadily down hill from what it had been under the Czars, until Putin came along and rescued Russia. Do you see a pattern here?

America has not yet reached her bottom of sin and depravity and rebellion against God, but when she does, it will take at least 5 years of poverty, terrorism, crime, unemployment, zero birth rates, and suicides before God sends in a semi Christian strong man (dictator) to put us on the path to recovery. That government, will not be the same as our present flawed republic. The major flaw in it is the first amendment, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. God says either you are with Me or you are Against Me. You cant be neutral. If you try to be neutral, He will send in savage wolves (Talmudic Jews) to buy off your leaders, bribe them, blackmail them, assassinate them, terrorize them, till they completely control them. Then your country will serve satan for a while, and will reap Gods wrath. But His wrath does not remain forever. He will grant repentance and reconcilliation and prosperity once again. Next time, set up a Christian Commonwealth, and be at least as smart as the Romans. Religo-liciter laws. Which religions were legal and which were not. Talmudic Judaism (Christ is a false messiah, and boiling in hot excrement in hell, and goy (gentiles) are to be stolen from, deceived and harvested like cattle, which they are, (per the Talmud) they dont have human souls, only Jews are human) this religion will destroy ANY country. Satanism will destroy ANY country. They must be outlawed. Or you will get taken over and perish, until God rescues you by repeating the painful cycle above.

Get Active in your church, Tell your pastor about this web site. Ask him his opinion of it, weekly. He may drag his feet and say "I am busy and haven't gotten to it all yet'" because these views and opinions on this web site GO AGAINST what the MSM (Main Stream Media) is telling everyone, and GO AGAINST what most Christians believe (being Dispensational, PreMills looking for the rapture to rescue them for doing nothing). Not many pastors have the courage to preach an unpopular message, but stay after him. If he doesn't make progress, after a while, vote with your feet.

Get Active in your local City, County, and State Govt. Find Christian candidates willing to run, point them to this web site, educate them, and support them. The current Federal Govt. is un-redeemable. It is so demon possessed (i.e. Talmudic Jew controlled). God will have to apologise to Sodom and Gomorrah unless he smacks the US Federal Govt. down. That would eliminate the national debt, by the way, and let us start over, keeping whats good, in our constitution and tossing the bad. Bad = Fed Govt has a monopoly on the coining of money, Bad = seperation of religion and state (seperation of churches and denominations and state is OK, but not religions. There should only be one OFFICIAL, STATE religion on every country, CHRISTIANITY, which would allow for the most prosperity and freedom of most all other religions. Christians dont FORCE converstions on anyone. A Truly Christian nation would all you to remain a practicing athiest, Muslim, Hindu, anything but Jew or Satanist).

The time to fight for America and your children is NOW, Not after the econmic collapse, Not after WW3 kinetic starts and emergency war powers kick in. Not after the Mossad and CIA do their false flag EMP blast on America and blame it on Iran (Israel has been wanting the USA to eliminate Iran for decades)or to China or to Russia, or whoever they want to start WW3 with next. They successfully did it for 911 blaming it on Muslim terrorists, so they could kick-start their wars in the Middle East to conquer ground for Israel, dont think they cant do it again. They did it successfully with the Pandemic, and fooled most everyone for a little while, dont think they cant do it again.

Expect the war on whites and the war on male leadership, and the war on Christian symbols, practices and society to get worse. Compare South Africa of today to that of the 70's and 80's when the Christian Whites ruled. That is what is scheduled for America, by these Talmudic Jews. What is it like to be white in S.A. today? This is your future white man unless you get organized today, and recognize who your real enemy is.

Lobby your state govt to prepare for secession. Come out of her my people and be ye seperate also applies to our demon possessed Federal Govt. The checks and balances on Federal abuse are the States, and the Church. It is time the states stepped up to the plate and protected their own citizens from domestic enemy number 1, i.e. the Fed Govt.

The REAL soldiers, fighting for the USA right now, aren't in uniform.
In fact, the ones in uniform will probably end up being used AGAINST you.

On Judgment Day, when you stand before the Lord, with the whole of humanity behind you, having just watched the video playback of your entire life, and the Lord asks you "When I put you in the richest country in the whole world, did you live sacrificially for ME, or did you use the gifts I gave you to do recreation, keep up with the Joneses, feather your nest and live comfortably?"

Your salvation does NOT depend upon your good works. What does is whether you DIED IN YOUR SINS, or let Jesus pay for them, by making Him your LORD and SAVIOR. But your REWARD for all eternity DOES depend on how you answer this question (What did you do for Me, your creator). And you wont be able to lie, since all the world has just seen the video of your life.

Heavenly Rewards and Status: I am Gabriel I STAND IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD (or will you be way out on the perimeter of the trillions of members of the church of ages). AS STAR DIFFERS FROM STAR IN GLORY (will your light be as bright as a sun, or a pen-light). And it yielded fruit, some an hundredfold and some sixtyfold and some thirtyfold.

Why not aim to be a hundredfold'er and give God the most pleasure with your life?