The New Jerusalem

I (John) saw the (spiritual) Holy City, (in 70 AD) The New Jerusalem, (the Church)
coming down out of heaven from God
made ready as a bride adorned for her husband (Jesus)
picture of an eclipse

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My People are Destroyed for a lack of Knowledge" Hosea 4:6, What is this Knowledge? aka 10 things your pastor either doesn't know or is afraid to preach
Have the Jews-Israel-Zion been superseded or replaced by the Church in HTML form for your web browser, can copy and paste into any wordprocessor doc.
Have the Jews-Israel-Zion been superseded or replaced by the Church in pdf form for downloading and attaching as a file.
Doesn't Romans 11 say God has not now, nor ever will forsake the Jews?
Are there any RULES CHANGES now that the end times have ended?
Wasnt the sign of the Fig Tree Israel becoming a nation again in 1948?
Who is the Beast of Revelation?
Who is the AntiChrist?
What is the meaning of the Parable of the VineGrowers?
What about those FOREVER Promises to Israel?
Is Jesus physically coming back (2nd coming) any time soon? The Nay Sayers
Is Jesus physically coming back (2nd coming) any time soon? The Yea Sayers
What verses do the "Yea sayers" (the PreMills, the Dispensationalists, those into Chiliasm) use to support their case?
Did Jesus come back again, after his ascension in the Book of Acts?
Arent we in the end times now, and things on earth are prophesied to get worse and worse, until Jesus comes?
Shouldn't we be supporting Israel, i.e. doesn't God want the Jews living in Palestine today?
When will or did the Rapture and the Great Tribulation happen?
When is Daniel's Seventieth Week?
When was the Book of Rev Written? Pre 70 AD or in the 90s
What should we think of CUFI (CHRISTIANS UNITED FOR ISRAEL), Jews for Jesus, etc.?
Can we take each and every verse in the Bible Literally?
What do the people who call themselves "Jews" today, think of Christians, per the Talmud, MISHNAH, Zohar?
When was the New Testament written and who decided on Canon?
What can I do NOW to improve things?
Where do you get your news from?
I am GREATLY indebited to James B Jordan, Kenneth L Gentry and Ed Stevens
Jordan for his chronology and the holy city vs great city distinction, land beast of Rev being Herod, the sea = Gentiles in Rev, and excellent logic and exegisis most everywhere else, and his reformed doctrine, Gentry for his excellent commentary on Revelation, Stevens for his pretersm. Ed Stevens first broached the topic with me of the rapture happening in 66-67 AD, which was a true eye opener. Naturally I dont agree with everything the three mentors teach, but in 90 % I do. Jordan is too much a spiritualizer in his interpretation of Revelation, he is not as good as Gentry here, and Gentry is no replacement theologian (he still thinks the phony Jews of today are in some sense Gods chosen people), and Ed Stevens is a hyper-preterist (or he would say a consistent preterist). He believes that virtually ALL the bible was fulfilled by 70 AD, even great white throne judgment, the millennium, the marriage feast of the lamb, etc.

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