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2024-06-15 tweaked potus.html, again, added some theological answers to Shivas questions about Christianity. Also addressed the issue of Shiva's anti apartheid demonstrations he organized at MIT.'
2024-06-10 Added much new info to When-is-the-Rapture.html. But much more coming.
2024-05-16 tweaked potus.html, again, added item 8 Shiva has not properly thought thru whether we should have a secular state or a theocracy.
2024-05-07 greatly expanded When-is-the-Rapture.html. And I still have much work to do on it. Plan on expositing Daniel 12 next time.
2024-04-25 added to israel-is-a-fig-tree; strong-delusion; romans-11; have-the-jews-been-replaced
2024-03-30 topotus.html, added a great Health Ranger Report by Mike Adams, to Trumps section. Documents a few cases where Trump backs liberals and appoints them to his administration. go to also added to When is the Rapture, more exposition of Daniel 9. 1m how much of a prostitute to Israel Speaker Mike Johnson is, how much control Israel has over our US govt.
3m Trump keeps endorsing traitors
6m Mark levine, Ben shapiro, Dennis Prager are all shills for Israel.
835 how pathetic the republican party is. at 9:30 every republican in the house voted for making hate speech saying "from the river to the sea" the most common saying today is "from the river to the sea, Palestine shall be free" but as you biblical scholars know, prior to 2023 Israel frequently said "from the river to the sea" to allude to Gods promise to Abraham, that He would give him this land "from the river Euphrates to the sea (Med Sea)" Genesis 15:18 In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates: comment. the Nile runs thru Cairo, it marks out the populous and prosperous eastern 1/4th of Egypt, including the suez canal. The Euphrates River cuts Iraq and Syria in half vertically, and runs from Turkey at the top, down to on the bottom. Where Kuwait is at the Persian Gulf which empties into the Arabian Sea which dumps into the Indian Ocean. So Abrahams land included all the western halves of Iraq and Syria, and the eastern 1/4 of Egypt. As far as Abrahams north-south boundary goes, that is marked out by Deuteronomy 11:24 Every place whereon the soles of your feet shall tread shall be yours: from the wilderness and Lebanon, from the river, the river Euphrates, even unto the uttermost sea shall your coast be. So that is from where the Euphrates ends (Kuwait Saudia Arabia) to where the Nile marks out Cairo up to on the North the Med Sea. at 42:30 how Israel has now resorted to playing recordings of women and children crying out for help, from quad copters, then when Gazans come out of their homes to investigate, the IDF guns them down.
57:15 Utah gov candidate Phil Lymon speaks about Utah's riches, liberal populace, (over 90% of Utah'ans live in Salt Lake City, so they have one of the most urban pops in the USA, so liberal) He says Utah has the clean burning atomic energy reserves of Thorium that could power America for 10,000 years.
1:08:30 But to build even one safe Nuclear Power Plant in Utah it will cost $80m and 20 years to get the permits to build it.
1:08:50 china and russia build a new coal fired power plant every week, but Utah is shutting them down.
1:12:15 thoprium perfect fuel the states can build one experimental plant w/o the approval of the atomic energy commission.
1:15 oil reserves and coal reserves make Utah the saudia arabia of oil and coal
1:18:40 did the colorado house just pass a bill outlawing even semi-auto's in Colorado
1:31 Texas has billions of dollars in gold in reserves to start its own gold backed currency if necessary.
2:10:42 When Iran fired over 300 missiles into Israel (at an average of $10,000 each), Israels Iron Dome responded by firing $2 million dollar missiles back, to stop that missile barrage = 200x more expensive. Iran still got missiles thru and destroyed their 3 targets, one of which was an airbase.
2024-03-30 tweaked potus.html, again, put back on Shiva is for class warfare, and added Hitlers stance on class warfare. Also, added Pearl Harbor conspiracy proof that FDR knew long before the attach that the Japanese were on their way, and he even forced their hand by imposing a gasoline embargo on Japan. He even moved the best ships out of Pearl Harbor prior to the attack to save them (air craft carriers, newer destroyers, etc.) Added April 6th Freedom Law School event at St Cloud FL to index-stp.html; added how to avoid getting drafted, sub page. Added Was Heaven a perfect place answer to Dr. Shiva's question about Christianity. Cleaned up duplicates on Dr. Shiva video list.' Added WW1 causes ppg and mp3 by Benjamin Freedman.
2024-03-18 tweaked potus.html, again, removed Shiva is for class warfare, and added lots of search terms off Rumble for viewers to get a better picture of what Dr. Shiva stands for, and his solutions.
2024-03-15 tweaked romans-11.html, again, condensed a few ppgs, made it more user friendly, more logical in a few places, added all trannys interpretation of verse 1, explained why we should not take this verse literally.
2024-03-14 updated romans-11.html, linked in 3 more html files: have-the-jews-been-replaced.html; what-about-those-forever-promises-to-israel.html; israel-is-a-fig-tree.html; commented on Ted Pikes 3 minute mp3 recording anti-replacement theology.
2024-03-13 added sub web page
2024-02-24 added 52 pages to new file called Rules-Changes.html
2024-02-14 added 2 more items to what is this knowledge.html, also added slightly to tnj.html and need.html.
2024-01-27 added the page hitler.html and reorganized the main page, shortened it, rerouted most of its info to need.html entitled Why the Need for this Web Site? Yes, I have been warned by friends that even mentioning Hitler will turn off 70 percent of the Americans who visit this web site and 90% of the pastors who are chicken to touch ANYTHING controversial, or political lest it empty out their pews. That is one of the reasons why I specifically decided to tell the truth about Adolf Hitler here. Let these churches fall by their own cowardace, they deserve to not know the truth, and continue to be deceived by the talmudic Jews who control America and next pandemic, let these churches take their govt. payoff, shutter the church, and disband, and form new churches with better pastors. Does it sound like I am mad at them. I AM. These pastors have been to seminary, they are the acclaimed experts in doctrine and Bible Study, they pull down salaries four times greater than mine, and they choose to protect their jobs and comfortable lives by NOT ENGAGING in the battle for America.
2023-12-24 added the page when_is_the_rapture.html
2023-12-17 made major changes to home page. replaced all jew and judaism w. Talmudic J, added several links to Brighteon videos I've uploaded to my channel.' explained about secular Jews vs Talmudic Jews, how secular Jews can be an asset.
2023-12-08 greatly expanded the donate.html page, Reasons why we are a worthy cause, etc.
2023-12-07 greatly expanded the disclaimer.html page, added commentary on FL Chapter 2019-59 signed into law in 2019 that prohibits "hate speech" against Jews in our public schools.
2023-12-04 added the page Israel is a Fig Tree to tnj.html
2023-12-03 corrected several typos on the_knowledge.html and added new content towards the bottom, items 7 and 8
2023-12-03 greatly expanded commentary on Romans 11:12, added about a page worth of commentary on our enemy Judaism, and all future enemies.
2023-11-01 several more political and health links. Changed Donations ppg.
2023-10-30 link for Who is the Man of Sin in the New Testament.
2023-10-29 link for Who or What is the Abomination that causes Desolation spoken of by Daniel the Prophet and by Jesus on the Mount of Olives, after He left the Temple for the last time.
2023-10-28 Merged all items from web site, into this web site. This site has a much shorter name, better for signs we will hold up to picket churches and major street intersections.
2023-10-27 Built Main page index-ccn.html, decided on main topics, the Scriptural reasons why the church has replaced Israel, today ... the Political reasons why you (and America) should DUMP ISRAEL ... Is there a war on health? ... What will it take for God to "Heal our Land" ... To start your own influence group fighting the info-war