How to donate to us

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If you wish to donate, so this work can continue, do not approach us while picketing, lest we be accused of soliciting, we will have to turn you away in public. Also, it creates a traffic hazard. We will just waive you on, if you do that.

Rather email us (Fran@CCnow.US) or text us (531-263-9098) and we may agree to meet you in person at some restaurant, and receive your gift. If we are too busy to do that, simply US Mail cash to P.O. Box 780753; 650 N Alafaya Trail; Orlando, FL 32828.

Or if it is a box (of silver coin, for example), send to: Suite 101-780753; 650 N Alafaya Trail; Orlando, FL 32828 Presently we cannot take credit cards nor crypto, but we do accept cash or a check made out to:   Francis Kuhlman

Your donation will not be tax deductible, and you will receive no receipt unless you request one. By donating to the Christian Commonwealth Cause, you acknowledge that you are not expecting anything in return. Of course we are interested in hearing your political views and goals, but you should know that ours are fairly firmly fixed. We are Jesus firsters, States Rights second, and America third'ers and we are for purging out the harmful elements to our country like Zionism, and Talmudic Judaism. Likewise with our scriptural values, we are interested in your theology, but ours is pretty fixed. Nor does donating grant you special access to our personnel for lobbying purposes. There can be no strings attached to any donation. And donations will not be refunded for any reason.

Naturally, we will be interested in hearing your life testimony for Christ, and political and religious concerns, as we talk at a restaurant together.

Because we fight the political battle for you, and the postmill, preterist, calvinist replacement theology battle for you, we believe we are more deserving than your local 501C3 church of your tithe dollars. Give to your local church and you will get bigger church buildings that sit mostly empty 6 days a week, fatter pastors salaries and staff salaries, more food, and clothing give-aways to the undeserving (If a man will not work, let him not eat), which only re-enforces their "victim" mentality, and causes their numbers to multiply, and lessens their motivation to get a job. The Salvation Army has excellent programs for the poor who are willing to enter into accountability programs to change their lives and get back to being self reliant. Or the church will finance missionaries overseas who duplicate the same failed church policies that are currently sinking the USA. All the while our own country goes down the tubes and your own children get seduced away from the faith by their public school educations and college instructors teaching evolution.

That doesn't mean you should give nothing to your local church, but if you want to turn the country around, consider a 3% - 7% split for your tithe dollar.

For those churches who are not 501c3, and are in sync with us politically, give them your whole tithe, and keep encouraging those pastors. Join their churches, and volunteer your time and talents. Encourage them to start Christian Schools for the little sheep in their flock.

How our ministry differs from all the others

We seek to work the mechanism of :

2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

We work on the churches. That is, the church members, not the clergy. History has documented that major doctrinal changes have always been a bottoms up operation. Think how many protestant reformers got burned at the stake by the Roman Catholic Church (and by proxy, the emperors, kings, rulers under their control). John Huss, John Wycliffe, see Foxes book of Martyrs for more. The existing clergy have a vested interest in keeping the status quo, and in general resist all change. Therefore we do not court the clergy. We could position ourselves as missionaries and beg the churches to support us as missionaries to North America, but that probably would not work. Firstly, we would have to soften our position on pastors not doing their job politically, (which would mean we are now operating out of fear of man, or becoming man pleasers instead of God pleasers) and secondly pastors are not so dumb as to know that the money trail pointing back to them of supporting an organization like ours, will bring IRS 501C3 audits and persecution. Pastors for the most part, are not fighters.

But what is required to win the battle is for Christian fighters to rise up and fend off the Zionist attack on Christianity. Hopefully it will never come to bombs and bullets, but consider the Freikorps of Germany after WW1 which is what put the resolve and steel into Hitlers mind. It could easily get that bad, here in the good ole USA if we continue to sleepwalk towards communism. The Zionists love communism, they conceived of the idea, financed it, manned the takeover of Russia in 1905 and from Moscow planned on conquering all of Europe, prior to WW2. Hitler seeing the huge buildup of Soviet arms, tanks, planes, etc. on the Polish-Russian border, decided to not wait till Germany got over-run, but to attack first w. Operation Barbarossa (which would have been a great success if not for the German traitors in the Nazi high command Admiral Canaris, etc). In a kinetic fight the guy who strikes first usually wins, because the opponent is now injured.

What major doctrinal changes are we advocating that might require a bottoms up operation, you ask? See the link or to get to it by walking thru 3 menus, go to: the home page CCnow.US, then "menu for: the Scriptural reasons" then "My People are Destroyed for a lack of Knowledge" Hosea 4:6, What is this Knowledge?"

2 Chron 7:14

in order to work requires "my people" to

humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways"

the church will be humble enough when we look like the Christians in South Africa today, or like Gaza. When we are on the run, dispossessed of our houses, refugees, wondering where our next meal will come from, mired in a 1930's style depression. Will it really take all that, to get us humble enough? I am counting on NOT. Otherwise I would be a prepper. I would head for the hills, get away from big cities, store up food, ammo, water, get off the grid, etc. I am counting on God not knocking the USA Christians back to the stone age before we come to our senses. That is why we here at CCnow.US devote ourselves to city ministry, church ministry, urban ministry.

We do not think effective national change is possible for America today. The Zionists have inflicted a fatal wound on the church, on our state govts. on the medical profession, on the media, on the economy, etc. Too many democrats, too many gays, too many BLM rioters and terrorists that have come across the border under Biden. The National Govt. is COMPLETELY taken over by the Zionists. So, we see Secession as our best way out. It can give us a semi-soft landing. It will make the national debt go away in the blink of an eye. It will allow us to organize against and kinetically self-defend against the Federal govt. as needed, and restore order.

The bottom line is you should move to a safe city and state and church that will do well, once it comes to its senses after the crisis (zionist false flag like COVID and 911) hits. Communities can survive the coming judgment and wrath of God better than individual preppers. But that will require you to get to know your neighbors, get active in your local govt. Buy food from local farmers markets, etc. The national govt, in its present form will not survive. God is angry with it, VERY MUCH. We will have a new federal government when this is all over. And I say, its about time. This masonic secular monstrocity of 1789 (not a Christian govt.) and especially after the "civil war" when our constitution was completely trashed, is over due to be replaced by a Christian Govt.

Right Now, I dont believe God will bless the outcome of our using assassination, to purge the evil from us. The Zionists will just turn the media spotlight on that and say "look, the militia or the Christians are murdering and doing violence on Democracy, good excuse to impose martial law, sieze all their guns, and round them up into FEMA camps" and the rest of the Christians or militias will stand aside, remain out of the battle and even say "you should not have done that violence you Christians, you deserve that FEMA camp". We are so divided. But the Zionists and the Fed Govt gets to assassinate us all they want to, and seem to get away scott free (JFK, records still sealed, 911 inside job; COVID19 Dept of Defense Operation designed to thin out the population and inject govt controllable substances into the vaxx'd). We can beg sheriffs to investigate, file charges in our judiciaries and they will drag their feet, stall, and deny cert to even hear the case). Currently I believe God wont bless us using any kinetic weapon of war against our OWN government, per Romans 13.

We are like the 18 year old getting abused in our own house. Either be mature enough to leave home and strike out on your own, get a job, pay rent, etc. or stay home and put up w. the abuse, protesting all the time, but not striking your parents. The Zionists (and their stooges the Democrats stole the election of 2020) have even rigged the ballot box's so conservatives cannot win in some states (see video 2000 mules, Mike Lindell Absolute Proof Trump is controlled opposition. Virtually ALL the republican candidates for POTUS as of this writing 2023 are Zionists, just look at their platforms and statements. 'Between the churches and the State Govts, we believe America could repent and come to a soft landing from the impending crisis, but humility will have to come first. Which means hard times.

What does

and turn from their wicked ways

mean? What wicked ways? This is not primarily talking about self government sins. Our anger, adultery, substance abuse, lazyness, addictions, etc. Although we DO need to repent of those too, or we will be powerless towards God. Consider

1 Peter 3:7 Husbands, likewise, dwell with them with understanding, giving honor to the wife, as to the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life, that your prayers may not be hindered.

But the primary wicked ways our seceded nation/state needs to repent of will be of not implementing Christian laws, not caring for the body (food, energy, clothing, housing, health, security and safety) needs. Which includes believers, non-believers, and even caring for the environment (animals) which we are stewards over. When the mixed multitude was hungry Jesus said "you give them something to eat". We have an excellent example of what caring for the body (citizenry) looks like in Germany 1933 the platform of the National Socialist Party. When Hitler got appointed chancelor in January of 1933, the first thing he did was declare NOT ONE GERMAN FREEZES TO DEATH THIS WINTER, NOT ONE STARVES. So he commanded his party youth to start scavanging for wood, burn-able trash and re-distribute it to the poor. Same with food distribution. The excess instead of getting tossed as waste, went to the needy.

Hitlers second major action was to start to purge out the evil elements in German society, i.e. kick all the Talmudic Jews out of government, (who are always parasites in any society, and never assimilate i.e. join with the rest of the citizenry, instead they stay aloof, considering the goy as cattle to be used) and start limiting their influence in the press, theatre, finance and even in industry. This brought down the wrath of the international Jew Bankers who declared war on Germany in March of that year. Just google "Judea declares war on Germany 1933". Implementing some of the Natnl Socalist Platform (and policies), rescued Germany from virtual death, and raised her up to become the envy of every other nation, for her industriousness, righteousness, and prosperity. Why do you think 89% of the German electorate voted FOR Hitler on the national plebicite held on August 19, 1934 after only 1.5 years of his chancelorship. We dont have to guess, or experiment with what will get our nation back on the right track again. A clear example from history lies right before our eyes. What we will need Gods help with is getting the national will to DO it. To follow the National Socialist Party Plan. Except Christianize it, whenever possible. That means knowing our Bibles better than we do, now, and implementing all the RULES CHANGES, (see what is this knowledge link) Also, see What is the Church's National Sin? off the home page.

For more of the solution to our national ills, how God will heal our land, See the political sub page off the main web page for the National Socialist German Workers Party platform.

Give to this ministry and you are giving to the most effective tool for restoring the peace, prosperity and righteousness of the USA.