Is there a War on Health

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The First Step in achieving good health is to take charge of your own health. You are responsible for the current state of affairs (unless chem-trails, wifi, or vaxx shots were FORCED upon you, or you had a birth defect)

Chances are you have eaten and UN-exercised your way into your present state of affairs, and that means you can EAT (includes Fasting) and EXERCISE your way out of most of your current situation.

Your health is MORE important than your job, family, church, and politics. Lose your health and what happens to all the rest? You've Got to get your priorities right. Like Putin told Trump, "What good does it do to be the richest man in the cemetary". Naturally what Jesus said weighs in even more heavily. What shall a man gain if he gains the whole world but loses or forefits his soul, or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul. Peace with God is the start and end of good health. You can only have peace with Him by making His son your Lord and Savior.

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Disclaimer: Thanks to the AMA, no-one can claim to "cure" anything, except AMA approved people, like MD's, etc. So any accidental claim in this document to "cure" anything, should be interpreted as "anectdotal evidence indicates this method/device/substance has claims attached to it to have helped people".

01 Why the COVID19 PCR test is NOT accurate

02 What are the Honest scientists and doctors saying about the PANDEMIC

03 Inflating the numbers


05 For those of you who want to blame China

06 The COVID19 crisis serves EIGHT purposes

07 How to Civil Disobey in a Retail Store

08 What are the Top 6 Reasons NOT to wear a face mask?

09 Should I get a vaccination shot?

10 So you wanna SHUTDOWN your city-state with a COVID19 or Delta Variant LockDown Do you?

14 Why are all the media united on this issue, why do they all FAN THE FLAMES promoting the pandemic?

15 Why would the Medical Profession Lie to us?

17 What does God say about using Alcohol and Drugs (It is not what your average Baptist Church has been teaching you)

22 Cleaning up our Water

23 Cleaning up our Air

In My Opinion: The COVID19 Pandemic is a FAKE pandemic.

It has not caused enough deaths to rate our governors and presidents invoking "emergency" powers, to require social distancing and the wearing of masks, let alone shutting anything down.
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Covid19 is just a normal FLU season, with a DNA test picking out a certain strand of DNA. Which I believe is present in all of us, in small amounts. Like Candida Bacteria or Meningitis. Usually, in spite of small quantities of a bunch of bacteria and viri, the white blood cells keep the blood clean enough for us to function normally.
I dont believe that there is anything more deadly about that strand of DNA labeled COVID19.
dot fwd slash UN-Admission-to-World-Government.jpg
Look who is dying from it (vast majority of cases, people older than 65). The rest, I would be willing to bet, are the normal percentages for their age group, as die from the Flu, or pneumonia, or COPD, but since the COVID19 virus was found in them, the prostitute medical profession marks it up as a COVID19 death. Anyone who dies of anything, while their body has the COVID19 virus in it, gets chalked up as a COVID19 death! What deception!

Take any old person, jam a ventilator tube down their throat, put them on a host of anti-biotics, brainwash them into believing they are the carrier of a deadly pandemic disease i.e. that they are a typhoid Mary, and are now a major danger to society, isolate them from their loved ones and friends and from living a normal life, and convince them that thousands are dying from what they have, and voila, they shutdown and die. If not from fear, or depression, from the antibiotic shock to their already fragile immune system.

A photo FDA-ministry-of-truth.jpg

Consider also that the DNA test for COVID19 is not very accurate,

with as high as 50% false positives.
If the above link gets "taken down" by the NY Times, email me and I will send U the article, I have downloaded it.
see also: The first 10 minutes of this video are on why all COVID19 tests are inaccurate and why Cases and Death figures cant be trusted, the last 6 minutes of this 16 minute video talk about the motive for hyping this fake pandemic, i.e. so the Zionist controlled FED can blame the coming economic crash on the pandemic (lockdowns ruined the economies in several countries already), and not be blamed themselves

Why doesnt your mayor-governor do this, to test the accuracy of your Health Districts statistics, which he so religiously goes by to close down public buildings and require mask wearing at city council meetings and Legislature meetings?
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The Nobel-prize winning inventor (Dr. Kary B. Mullis) of the test (PCR) (currently being used to test for COVID19) did not believe it should be used to diagnose infectious illness... at a certain point of amplification every single person would test positive.

They (the testing lab) use an arbitrary cutoff point where they stop doubling the material. That cutoff point is different among different tests for COVID-19. In fact, there were 10 different cutoff points among 33 tests approved by the FDA..."

For the endearing story of how Kary Mullis discovered the PCR test, go to
He died August 7th 2019 at age 75.
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If these pics make you sick, as they should, there is a GREAT alternative.

Just watch this video by OSHA approved Mask instructor Tammy K. Herrema Clark to see why the tri-cities mask mandate is the exact WRONG thing to do at this time. click here

Why Masks do more harm than good. 8 min click here

A Kidney Specialist explains why Vaccinations are to be avoided, 8 min click here

Canadian Pathologist, Expert and seller of COVID19 test kits discusses testing & masks. 4:33 click here

Denmark Pots N Pans Rally sways Parliament to repeal Oppressive COVID19 law 3:48 click here

These MidWest States Analysis show CASES have Nothing to do with Masks.

Nothing to do with Masks.

Nothing to do with Masks.

Nothing to do with Masks.

The fake "crisis" is based on Hospital ICU beds at capacity and overflowing to the med-surg wing, and based on cases.

First, lets consider the bed shortage problem. Does the hospital regularly run out of ICU beds, during the height of flu season? When is the last time this happened? Who is lying in those beds currently? 80 year olds with co-morbidities who just happened to test positive for COVID? News Flash, those 80 year olds are going to die soon anyway. That is NO REASON to force masks on all the rest of us.

How long have those hospitalized been in those beds? Well past their symptoms gone, but kept there for the full 10 day required quarantine because they cant be transported home w/o breaking quarantine? And what is the hospital's treatment of COVID? I doubt that it involves taking hydroxychloroquine and zinc. Certainly not fasting. Quite Frankly, I dont trust our hospitals, nor the UNMC, not their reliance upon the faulty PCR test, not their criteria for admittance, not their treatment once admitted, and not their probable ignoring of co-morbidities so they can put down COVID19 as the cause of death. How much pressure are they under from the CDC and their donor drug companies (if any) to keep hyping the COVID pandemic? Their conduct needs to be audited before we go forcing masks on all of your city-state.

The other thing that the fake "crisis" is based on is the rise in cases.

Here Health Districts are using “cases” deceptively. When most people think of a case of measles or mumps or small pox or case of the flu, they think “sick in bed”, “sick with symptoms, bad enough to stop work, or stay home from school. What City-state here really means is “test results showing occurrence of at least 1 virus” not “cases”.

Many of us, if tested for mumps or measles virus would show positive, from our youth bout with these diseases. That would just mean we are now immune. A good thing. So what if positive-tests (not cases) are on the rise. It just means herd immunity is spreading. It is NO EMERGENCY.

Does this cause your BS meter to peg off the scale, or what?

What will you do when COVID19 OR 20 OR 21 Vaccination Shots are Mandatory?

"I am a Doctor and I know the truth about vaccinations" How Vaccinations affected my baby daughter

Click here to see the web page: Why you should think twice about getting a flu shot

Click here to see the video: Pandemics have been planned by Rockefeller Foundation since 2014

I link to several videos on the next page, but if you only watch a few, make sure to see

The first 10 minutes of this video are on why all COVID19 tests are inaccurate and why Cases and Death figures cant be trusted, the last 6 minutes of this 16 minute video talk about the motive for hyping this fake pandemic, i.e. so the Zionist controlled FED can blame the coming economic crash on the pandemic (lockdowns ruined the economies in several countries already), and not be blamed themselves

The CDC has admitted that there is NO real evidence that masks help stop the Corona Virus and WHO says we are NEVER going back to normal life again

Plandemic 1

Plandemic 2

And dont worry about the growing numbers of "cases" of COVID19 that the media is reporting. Increased Cases just follows from increased Testing. Deaths are not correspondingly high.

Furthermore, the PCR test that the hospitals are using or if they use the Serology /antibody tests which does not detect virus as such), both of these are very unreliable. Here's why

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said last month via Belarusian Telegraph Agency, BelTA., that World Bank and IMF offered him a bribe of $940 million USD in the form of "Covid Relief Aid." In exchange for $940 million USD, the World Bank and IMF demanded that the President of Belarus:

• imposed "extreme lockdown on his people"
• force them to wear face masks
• impose very strict curfews
• impose a police state
• crash the economy


There are two theories about viruses and medicine in general worth knowing about:

1. is allopathic medicine, which everyone is familiar with. It teaches that there are vanishingly small almost invisible "boogymen" out there called viruses, which can reproduce themselves and even mutate to adapt no matter what harmful environmental changes you throw at it. Thus the vacc shot for COVID19, wont protect you from COVID20, OR COVID21, because it mutated next year and now you need to pay for the next latest technology vacc shot.

If you buy into this theory then realize that First of all, we ALL have what they are calling the COVID19 virus in us, just like we all have the Candida Bacteria and Meningitus Bacteria in us, as well as the ones associated with mumps and measles, small pox, etc. It's just that our bodies healthy immune system keeps all these in check, so that their numbers dont grow to the point of causing us symptoms (sickness). If they run the PCR test enough times, (and presently they run it about 40 times on each sample, magnifying each time) they can "find" COVID19 in any of us. And it is not all bad, that virtually all of us have it. That is what herd immunity is all about.

Did you know that

The Nobel-prize winning inventor (Dr. Kary B. Mullis) of the test (PCR) (currently being used to test for COVID19) did not believe it should be used to diagnose infectious illness... at a certain point of amplification every single person would test positive.

A photo
Problems with the Allopathic theory include: If viruses reproduce rapidly, and even mutate why dont they just completely take over the body, and always cause death? What is to stop them? It is like a Hollywood western where the bad guys (viruses) get the upper hand for a while but somehow the good guys (white blood cells) rally in the end and beat back the bad guys. Why didn't the rally start sooner, BEFORE symptoms ever developed from the evil virus? What signals the rally to start? What signals it to end? Does the rally wipe out ALL traces of the virus in a "recovered" victim who now tests COVID19 negative, but will test positive a month later, or did he just get "re-infected". What regulates the intensity of the rally, and does it ever stop short of completely wiping out all the bad guys? What helps the rally (drugs, eating food, eating vitamins, taking hydroxychloroquine) what hinders it?

The second theory about viruses-and-medicine-in-general worth knowing about is:

2. Hygienic Medicine, which teaches that COVID19 and all other forms of the flu, or CORONA virus which in older medical journals used to be classified as the common cold, proof is here in this 2 min 30 sec mkv video, are all just left over, dead, waste matter in our system, waiting to be eliminated. Waste matter can be toxic (harmful to us) if not eliminated soon. What they are calling COVID19 virus is really just part of a cell that has died whose DNA can still be sampled, just like you could take a cell off a dead cow out in the field and study it and determine that it's DNA came from a cow, but that dead cell fragment could not reproduce nor mutate.

The body stages "elimination crisis" at various times, to dump its growing toxic load of waste matter. During these "elimination crisis" times, the human body feels weak and sickly, and exhibits symptoms like what you suffer from during the cold and flu. The best thing to do is STAY OUT OF THE HOSPITAL, where they will pump U full of antibiotics and drugs, and try to immediately get your energy level back up and your appetite back.

Instead just co-operate with the Body, and eat nothing (you lost your appetite for a reason, the body cant process new food in and cleanse old food remnants out, at the same time, at least not very well), rest in bed, and drink plenty of water to help with the flushing process. Your body will cleanse itself, if given time and rest, and soon you will have your old energy level and appetite back, but first, most Americans will get their caffeine withdrawal headache and queasy stomach (passes after 3 days of fasting).

After you have cleansed, change your diet. Try to eat as many raw fruits and veggies as possible. Buy a Juicer and juice those veggies you hate to eat (broccoli, kale, etc.) add Stevia sweetener to make the drink palatable.

A photo
When you go to the hospital and they pump you full of drugs, or even at home if you take "medicine" the body treats that like a new poison that it has to stop elimination and cleansing processes over, digest and or process the new poison or at least isolate and store it (appendix, tonsils, fat cells, tumors, any other dumping ground that is not completely full), then hopefully continue with its original elimination crisis. You always feel better for a short while, when any elimination crisis is interrupted, but you pay for it in the long run, by a recurrence of symptoms later on when elimination is re-started.

But since you temporarily felt better, you said "thanks Doc, that drug really wiped out my "flu, cold, etc" and halted my symptoms, I'm glad to pay your bill and tell all my friends how great a doc you are." In reality, you werent done any favors, you just postponed the problem, or made it worse by adding another poison to be eliminated later on.

Regarding the "rally" illustration used above, where Allopathic medicine says viruses reproduce and even mutate but can be overcome when the good guys finally rally (white blood cells), The Hygienic System says viruses dont reproduce (you may find more of them in the body later on, but that is just because more elimination and cleansing is going on), viruses certainly cant mutate, if they cant reproduce and the body will be back to normal, not when the good guys have finally rally'd and battled back the bad guys, but when most of the poisons and toxins have been eliminated (thru the urine, and feces, and snot, and sometimes the skin [psoriasis, boils, pimples] even bad breath).

Drugs dont help, taking in food doesn't help, only drinking water and resting in bed, and giving the body time to cleanse, helps. Trying to stop the symptoms and stop the elimination (like modern medicine, allopathic medicine ALWAYS does, since they need the quick dramatic cure for which they can collect cash, not the slow self cleaning oven cure provided by your own body which God says "is fearfully and wonderfully made") is like trying to stop a Bowel Movement from happening.

Under Allopathic medical theory, if they had never seen a BM before, they would detect a turd coming out and go into "heroic" mode trying to save you so no more turds ever get generated again, after sampling the feces for "bacteria and viruses". And they would find plenty of these foul beasties (like they do with their nasal swab for COVID19). Then they would put these beasties under a microscope, or grow these samples in a petri dish and count them and list them all to you, proving how sick you are, so you had better stay in this hospital for another week for more tests, and until we can administer drugs and antibiotics to get that "infection" (turd) problem to go away.

If you have a runny nose, nasal spray it till it drys up. Sore throat, take this lozenge. Toxins coming out of your skin, apply this cream. Cough where the body tries to throw off flem? Here, take this cough syrup to STOP THAT COUGH. They are completely symptom orientated. It never seems to occur to them that maybe the body is just throwing off poisons and toxins thru whatever medium it chooses to, skin (rash), nose (snot), mouth (cough), urine (dark), BM's (diarrhea), breath, etc. and that these symptoms are actually a good thing, and as soon as the body is done cleansing, these symptoms will go away in their proper time, and health will be restored.

Stop the elimination, kill the symptoms, get the appetite and energy level back up asap. That is their goal. Sometimes they kill you in that hospital, trying to achieve their goal.

Because of Americans' unhealthy lifestyle, our bodies regularly stage elimination crisis (colds and flu). Usually once in the spring (to get ready for a healthy, active summer) because we have been sedentary all winter (little sunshine, fresh air, or exercise) building up toxins and poisons and undigested food globules, and once in the fall (to prepare for efficient circulation and heating of the body to get thru winter), and after holidays, because of all our over-eating, and harmful diet of sweets, alcohol, and lack of sleep from partying. Sleep time is often the ONLY time the modern Americans body gets, for cleansing and rebuilding.

To read more about the Hygienic System of working with the body to cure amazing things, go to and order books by Herbert M Shelton.

Allopathic medicine has its place, however. If you have a gun-shot wound, you need a surgeon to remove that bullet. If you have a knife wound, you need stitched up. Broken bone, you need it set by an Allopath Doctor.

But when it comes to Infectious Diseases and Vaccination theory (trying to program the body's antibodies to be ready for 1 bacteria/virus, at the expense of being ready for all others, because you introduced a crippled form of the bacteria/virus by injection) go to a Hygienist, NOT an Allopath. The Hygienist will tell you to strengthen your immune system by fasting (abstaining from all food, drinking plenty of water to aid in flushing the body internally of its poisons and toxins, and rest in bed, because any energy you expend working, playing, etc. will take away from the energy your body needs to cleanse and detox.

The Hygienist will tell you to NEVER introduce crippled bacteria and viruses into your blood stream by bypassing all the bodies front line natural defenses, NEVER take a vaccination shot, which contains unknown-to-you, chemicals (thimerosal=mercury a toxic heavy metal, aluminum, aspartame, pigs blood (for swine flu vaccine), etc.) which will have an unknown effect on your body, and after you take that shot, you have NO LEGAL RECOURSE to sue the drug companies because they have successfully lobbied the Government to rule that they cant be held liable for damages that their vacc shots do.

A photo

One of the signs I hold up says:

"If you Recovered from COVID19 then your blood has the antidote. It should be sold for $1,000 per cup. Why isnt it?

So far, no one in any of the 1200-cars-per-hour, while sitting at the light, while waiting for it to change, has rolled down their window and said, "yea, if COVID19 is so deadly that we need to lockdown businesses and shelter in place for it, why isn't the Hospital offering to buy my Type O negative blood transfusion of recovered patient antidote loaded blood at $1k per cup.


Because COVID19 in reality is no big deal, it is just the flu, being diagnosed over to COVID19. Flu deaths pay nothing from the Feds, but COVID19 deaths pay over $50k if done the right way. Thus Flu deaths are WAY down, and any and every excuse to call a death a COVID19 death is way up. Thats the prostitute medical profession for you. But even with these GREATLY INFLATED FIGURES, there are not enough deaths from COVID19 to warrant shutting ANYTHING down nor offering a reward for antidote laden blood supply. Also, because the prostitute medical profession at the top, "just gotta have" a vaccine solution, (which they can make $billions off of) and no other less profitable solution will be allowed. See the videos Plandemic 1 and Plandemic 2 for proof of this.

Certainly no simple cheap effective solution like blood antidote transfusions, or using hydroxychloroquine. Which Fauci rejects because it has anecdotal evidence only, would be allowed. What a joke!

By the way, from my sign holding experience I have found that only 1 car out of a hundred responds, all the rest just drive by like they dont care. Of that one that responds, only 1 out of 6 flips me the bird or thumbs down me, the other 5 all honk their approval and wave or thumbs up me. The moral of that story is, if U want to volunteer for my campaign and hold up a 2nd sign with me, dont expect any persecution, instead it will be mostly encouragement from the crowd.

Lets not shut your city-states'' businesses down ever again.

A photo
Lets not allow the police department to hassle our citizenry, over any pandemic, epidemic, or even major health crisis. This should always be left up to the individual, whether he wants to wear a mask or not, to social distance or not, etc.

Objection: Well, what if it is a Genuine Bubonic Plague or "Black Death" like hit Europe on the mid 1300's? What if it is another Small Pox epidemic like struck Europe and America after WW1?


This is all-but impossible given America's modern sanitation and cleanliness standards. But even if it were possible, draconian measures like shutting businesses down, forcing people to wear masks, imposing curfews, sheltering in place, forced vaccinations, social distancing, etc. are worse than the supposed plague.

Secondly, we cannot trust the media, nor the Medical Profession (CDC, NIH, WHO, etc), nor even the Governments own statistics on sickness and death rates. This current Pandemic has amply proven that.

Inflating the numbers

Thirdly, every experiment (and COVID19 is a social experiment, click here ) needs a control group to prove whether the treatment is effective.

Actually, the whole COVID19 fake crisis is a blessing to us from God?

WHAT, Kuhlman, how can you say that?

Because it will possibly wake Americans up to how vulnerable they are to our current constitution busting run-away federal Govt, to a constitution busting governor, to business as usual mayors, to the forces controlling our media, and to the corruption in the medical profession. Things can and will get a lot worse if we dont do some weeding in our garden, and start honoring God in our government. That is impossible given our present first amendment, see the logic here.

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Those who require masks now, in a few years will be requiring proof of vaccination.

Those stores who wont let you into their retail space without wearing a mask, will later on be requiring proof of vaccination, just to enter.

Those Mayors who are requiring masks now at their city council meetings, libraries, museums, and city buildings, WILL be requiring proof of vaccination later on, at the slightest little pressure from the media and the Governor or President, being deceived by the WHO, and the CDC. Same with the governors of your respective states.

Maybe you should be doing something NOW while the tree is green (we still have somewhat of a healthy economy left, and the shelves arent yet bare, and the delivery trucks are still rolling, and your employer hasn't yet layed you off and closed up shop so you can shelter in place), instead of waiting until the tree is dry.

And what can you do now? Spend a little time educating yourself on the COVID19 issue (by researching all the links on this web site). Determine to put the right statesmen in place over you that WILL maintain your freedom. That means voting for the right guys, and telling your neighbors about the right guys, so they can vote right too. You might even consider volunteering some time for their campaign, or if you have more money than time, donate a little. That is called fighting the battle now, instead of waiting till later when your back is against the wall.

How about calling the mayor-governor and put pressure on him to lift his masks policy.

Call your city councilman and complain about your city government reinforcing the COVID19 hysteria. If you dont know who your councilman is look it up on the net.

Of course you will get the standard answer "Thank you for being concerned, we like getting citizen feedback, we as well as you are equally concerned about the health and safety of your city, that is why we follow State of NE Guidelines, Federal Guidelines, CDC recommendations and we constantly monitor the District Health Departments statistics and follow their recommendations"

At this point interrupt them and say "Look, I know you think you have to cover your arse by blindly obeying all the authorities above you, but do you REALLY have the people of your cities best interests at heart, or merely your own political career. Do you REALLY think there have been enough deaths from this media hyped pandemic IN your city-state to warrant closing our businesses down, all the required mask wearing and social distancing?

Dont you know that you are WAY over-reacting to this fake crisis. Ask them how many people have died from the flu in 2020 year to date, and add in pneumonia and COPD if you like, then compare those figures to 2019 or 2018 (dont take "I dont know" for an answer). What politician would impose draconian heath measures, constitution busting, state of emergency level restrictions, based on half truths?

If all they are looking at is COVID19 deaths, and ignoring the absence of flu, pneumonia, COPD, etc deaths, then they dont know if it is just a normal flu season being mis diagnosed as COVID19 cases and deaths. You need both sets of figures. I have tried to find out, and THEY WONT TELL YOU. Since COVID19 pays hospitals up to $52k, I am willing to bet that it is just a normal flu season being cross-diagnosed over to COVID19.

Continue the quest to find out how many flu deaths YTD in 2020 and ask these politicians Why the BIG discrepancy between 2020 and 2019 if COVID19 is different from the flu? They will fumble around on the phone and perhaps admit that they dont know the full picture, all they have been focusing on are the COVID19 stats. Then you should ask them if they have seen the video Plandemic-1 and 2, or any of the other videos on website, so that they can find out who is to gain by promoting this fake pandemic?

Invite them to look at those videos and call you back. When they call you back, after they state their position, tell them you want all COVID19 restrictions lifted immediately, that their "cure" is far worse than the disease, and that you want life to get back to normal now, and you will be voting accordingly in the future. Thank them for their time. (sometimes politicians who refuse to see the light, just need to feel the pressure).

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What are the Honest scientists and doctors saying about the PANDEMIC

Doctors speak out

Important Facts about COVID19 compiled by the Swiss

The 26 minute video PLANDEMIC How and Why you are not being told the truth about COVID19

The 1 hour and 15 minute video PLANDEMIC 2 How Anthony Fauci & others are profiting from COVID19

Inflating the numbers

Cooking the Books

Since the Federal Govt is reimbursing hospitals $13k for each COVID19 case they treat, and $39k for each COVID19 case on a ventilator, surprise, surprise, a lot more FLU patients are being diagnosed as COVID19. None of the hospitals, nor governments figures and statistics can be trusted RE: COVID19

A photo


The BIG Question that your mayor, and acting president Biden are ignoring is how many die from the flu anymore, or pneumonia, or COPD? Or have virtually all deaths year-to-date been due to COVID19? Is it possible that it is the same number of people dying, but just being cross diagnosed over to COVID19, since COVID pays a federal check, and the others dont? What government official would be dumb enough to base his policies on half truths (only seeing the COVID19 reports)?

here is the public records request I sent off to the State of Nebr. Dept of Health and Human Services to find out if Nebraskans (and Adams County Residents) were just dying like flies due to COVID

This is a graph of the deaths, with 2020 projected out based on the Year to Date stats that DHHS-NE gave me.

When I learned that DHHS-NE stopped publishing on its web site (as of 2016) their usual vital statistics report that breaks down deaths into the various causes, a wonderful 170 page report, see here
or here if this web page gets taken down by DHHS,
and when I learned that the State of nebraska gets $379,000 from the Federal Govt for every COVID case, see

It makes me suspicious of these death rate figures put out by the DHHS-NE.

Based on DHHS-NE figures the State death rate for 2020 is up by about 8% and the Adams County Death Rate is up by 16% I want that death count by the DHHS-NE audited. Just like I dont trust the Hospitals receiving $13k for every COVID case they take in, when these hospitals report "COVID overcrowding, all our ICU beds are full, we need to flatten the curve, to make more room in our hospitals, so to flatten the curve, we will lobby the city and county govt's to pass a mandatory mask law.

We cannot trust the statistics of any organization that profits from COVID19.

Certainly not the CDC which holds the patent on the supposed COVID19 virus. For which our Federal Govt. has bought millions of PCR test kits and millions of Vaccination Doses, after advancing Pfizer $2 billion to rush the vaccine to the public. Indemnifying them of all liability if the vaccine side effects cripple you or cause autisim or damage you in any way.

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The Zionist controlled news media has its own selfish reasons for hyping the FAKE NEWS Pandemic. Bad news and scary news sells better than good news. And the MSM (Main Stream Media) has been left leaning ever since the 30's. COVID19 fits in with the Lefts agenda, see 1 thru 7 below.


Plandemic 1

A photo
What happened in Wuhan China was a Chemical Weapons attack by us on our own people. The video at 11min 15 sec's, documents how $3.7 million was given the WuHan Lab in Wuhan china by USA's NIH (National Institutes of Health), and that a sub-dept of NIH called NIAID headed by Fauci was conducting experiments on the corona virus in the past, AT THE WUHAN LAB.

But the media has gotten away with labeling that COVID19. The video Plandemic 1 at 15:34 says Italy was hit so hard w. COVID19 because they received, earlier in 2019 an untested vaccine that had 4 different strains of influenza including the highly pathogenic H1N1.
A photo

So, it looks like dangerous vaccines from the past, have contributed to symptoms which are today being diagnosed as COVID19, in other countries. You do know that they WILL diagnose you as COVID19 positive based on symptoms alone, without even testing you, dont you. It has happened multiple times right here in Adams County.

? See also The 1 hour and 15 minute video PLANDEMIC 2 How Anthony Fauci & others are profiting from COVID19

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The COVID19 crisis serves EIGHT purposes

1) It is being used as an EXCUSE to RUIN our economy. A ruined economy means Americans lose faith in their Federal Govt. Remember what happened back in 1929 and the 30's. Hobo's riding trains looking for work, bread lines, dust bowl days in the midwest (due to poor farming practices, and mis info by the Govt.) the communist party growing by leaps and bounds, as frustrated Americans, dis-illusioned with Capitalism and Democracy, were desperate to try other forms of govt. Under such a climate the rich elites (Jews, Rockefellers, Bill Gates, George Soros, etc can make sweeping changes that all favor them). Changes that Americans would never stand for in times of prosperity or normalcy.
A photo

2) Get the Federal Govt to add $2.3 trillion to the national debt in the form of aid to COVID19 Failed businesses and unemployment payments and stimulus checks to the public. This doesn't include the half a trillion in set-asides and deferred payments that the Feds are putting
A photo
on hold till the COVID19 crisis passes (e.g. college loan repayments).

And it does not include the $2trillion that the Federal Reserve has injected into the economy by buying up the flattened securities and bond market. The Zionists are up to the same thing they ALWAYS do whenever they have influence over a country. Cause manufactured booms and busts and panics, then buy up stocks N bonds for pennies on the dollar. Of course the media will tell you that the Federal Reserve did this just to ease the financial PANIC caused by the COVID19 stock market crash, (what nice guys! Cause the panic then profit off of it, then rescue us then report the half truth that they rescued us! All the deceived main stream media addicts in America say "Thank God for the Fed, we sure need it").

The Federal Reserve didn't pull that out of savings. They have no savings account. They just print new money whenever they need to.

A photo
So that money is INFLATIONARY DOLLARS and came out of all of our pockets.

All told it amounts to $5 trillion so far. But back to what Wash DC borrows. The Zionist-Globalists earn interest on every dollar put on the national debt, so like any good banker, they are very interested in getting their borrower (the Fed Govt) to borrow more money.

A photo
Whether it is Republican war, or Democrat give away social programs, or any other crisis the CIA can manufacture, the Zionist Internat. Bankers are usually the ones behind lobbying Congress to spend, spend, spend.

Naturally they dont do this DIRECTLY. They have their surrogates and front companies.

A photo
3) It provides an opportunity to increase government control over the citizenry, REQUIRE MASKS AND SOCIAL DISTANCING AND BUSINESS CLOSURES for now, and next time around it will be FORCED VACCINATIONS, POPULATION TRACKING, AND CURFEWS. Trump and the Republicans dont want this, but the Zionist-Globalists do, since they ultimately control the govt. The Democrats dont even make a show of resisting (like the bought and paid for RINOS do)

A photo
4) It is a wealth transfer from the red states (which by and large stay open for business) and continue to pay their taxes, which taxes go to the Federal Govt. which bails out the blue states which stay closed down due to COVID, and thus have more failed businesses, unemployment, etc.

5) It paves the way for getting everyone in the USA chipped (tracking RFID chip injected into their arms). Proof of vaccination by scanning this chip will be required for future interstate travel, public school attendance, public transportation, etc.

This has long been a goal of the globalists.
A photo

6) It paves the way for population reduction. Get everyone used to taking the yearly or even quarterly vaccination shots, and eventually you can put whatever you want into those syringes. Heavy metals, slow death poisons, sterilizing drugs, etc. Remember the Georgia Guide Stones, one of the stated goals of the Globalists is to reduce earths population by 90 %.

They want earth to be their park-land, with just enough Gentiles on it to serve the Zionist-Globalists needs. The Globalist billionaires fear the current 7.8 billion man population bomb.

A photo
The video Plandemic 1 at 18 min documents how natural remedies are being made illegal and how the vaccine cure (when it comes out) is being promoted. Getting vaccinated for the flu, IN FACT makes you 36% MORE SUSCEPTIBLE to getting COVID19.

7) Promote Mail in, no-id ballots to steal the 2020 election from the true REGISTERED voters who actually have a pulse.

A photo
8) The FED can blame the coming economic crash on COVID19 instead of on themselves

The first 10 minutes of this video are on why all COVID19 tests are inaccurate and why Cases and Death figures cant be trusted, the last 6 minutes of this 16 minute video talk about the motive for hyping this fake pandemic, i.e. to cover the FEDs arse for a crisis they created long ago

How to Civil Disobey in a Retail Store

Restore your city-states' Freedom! Keep us open for business

The proper response to COVID19 Govt. Over-Reach is NOT compliance. This is probably contrary to what your mayor has implemented in your city buildings. And what your governor has implemented in State Buildings. Rather it is CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. Whenever possible: REFUSE to wear a mask, REFUSE to social distance, REFUSE to shut your business down to flatten the imaginary curve of Hospital Over-Crowding (which never happened).

A photo
If you are wondering when life will get back to normal, the answer is WHEN YOU START ACTING NORMAL.

Try this. It REALLY works. When you walk into Walmart or Menards or Dollar General, or any other store that requires masks, put your mask on when you walk in the door. Then after you get past the doorman and initial cashier desk, TAKE THE MASK OFF, and continue shopping. Store employees have not been empowered or instructed to ENFORCE the ridiculous rule.

A photo
If anyone says anything to you, like "you know, you really are supposed to be wearing a mask" just say "OK, thanks" and keep walking. Ignore them after that. Or you could say "I get light headed from the carbon dioxide lingering inside my mask" and keep walking. Think about it. The employees at Walmart dont want to be wearing masks all day, and have it 10 times worse than you. They probably actually WANT you to civilly disobey, so that the mask rule gets lifted sooner. If a majority of the customers stop wearing masks, the management will go lax on enforcement on the employees too. Everyone wants their freedom back, they just dont know how to go about getting it.

A photo
If by some small chance a security guard or manager does accost you, either make your health complaint and see if they buy it and let you continue shopping, or temporarily comply and put on your mask, for that instance, then next time you visit the store, civilly disobey again. They arent keeping track of who disobeys and who does not.

A third option would be to say "Does your job description include throwing people out of the store, surely they dont expect you to get physical with people, do they? And keep shopping and ignore them. If they ask you to leave and threaten to call the cops if you dont, Then comply.

A photo

What are the Top 6 Reasons NOT to wear a face mask?

A photo
1. Masks DONT stop nano particles like viruses. You are still breathing them in from the air around you.

2. Masks have to be changed every time you enter a new patients room, or enter a new grocery store, or vehicle. Otherwise, you are just tracking in the germs from the last place you visited, actually creating MORE of a health hazard than if you wore NO mask.

3. Masks make it harder for you to breathe, causing shallower breaths. We all know that deep breaths are better for you than shallow ones.

4. You get less Oxygen with every breath because
A photo
much of the old breath that you just exhaled out, is still hanging around your mask, or is inside it. Better to push that old breath far away from you, and get as much new fresh air (non CO2 laden) in your lungs as possible.

5. Masks send a message to all who see you wearing one. They spread fear and panic, among a populace that is already being fear-mongered by the news media, lied to by the prostitute medical profession, and tyrannized by the government.

6. The CDC has admitted that there is NO real evidence that masks help stop the Corona Virus

Just watch this video by OSHA approved Mask instructor Tammy K. Herrema Clark to see why the tri-cities mask mandate is the exact WRONG thing to do at this time. click here

Why Masks do more harm than good. 8 min click here

A photo
but doctors agree that very necessary to a healthy immune system are the good bacteria, also, floating around in the air, and being passed from one person to another. See Plandemic 1 at 19:36. Sheltering in place, denying yourself fresh air, exercise, peace of mind from having a job that pays, wearing an oxygen deprivation mask, all WILL take their toll on your health.

Should I get a vaccination shot?

See the video

"I am a Doctor and I know the truth about vaccinations" How Vaccinations affected my baby daughter

Robert Kennedy Jr exposes vaccination industry, Fauci, CIA, Feb 2021 (2hrs and 20 min long)

Messing with human DNA is Dangerous

For the last word on the dangers of vaccinations click here

Why do we call this a fake pandemic? Just do the math.

A photo
As of September 9th, 2020 the CDC reports a death rate of 59 per 100,000 people in the USA. see

That puts it real close to 3rd for what kills Americans most.

The other causes of US deaths are:(for which, NONE of, are we shutting down businesses, social distancing, wearing masks nation wide, tracking people to see who tracked in the virus, etc.)

6. Alzheimer disease, 2018 incidence: Rate: 30.5 per 100,000 US standard population
5. Cerebrovascular diseases 2018 incidence: Rate: 37.1 per 100,000
4. Chronic lower respiratory diseases, 2018 incidence: Rate: 39.7 per 100,000
3. Accidents/unintentional injuries, 2018 incidence: Rate: 48.0 per 100,000
2. Cancer, 2018 incidence: 599,274, Rate: 149.1 per 100,000 US

1. Heart disease, 2018 incidence: 655,381, Rate: 163.6 per 100,000 US standard population

You KNOW COVID death counts are greatly inflated, because anyone who tests positive for COVID19 and in some cases anyone who even has COVID symptoms is DECLARED infected, then if they die of pneumonia, or the flu, or anything else, it is counted as a COVID19 death.

This is just brazenly lying to the American Public, and many have bought into it. Let America be fully open for business again. The effects of economic depression and $5 trillion that Washington has pushed onto the national debt is FAR WORSE than the hyped COVID19 pandemic.

Pandemics have been planned by Rockefeller foundation since 2014

More EXCELLENT info on the scam-demic

Did we really need to flatten the curve?

California is having problems keeping people in jail. They have to release em, because they might contact the corona virus

Why do all the Zionist controlled countries have the most corona virus cases?

So you wanna SHUTDOWN your city-state Do you?

How do you answer these questions?

1) How many children should starve in order to make you feel safe?

2) How many families must go bankrupt in order to make you feel safe?

3) How many business owners should lose everything they've worked for in order to make you feel safe?

4) How many people are you comfortable with committing suicide from hopelessness and financial ruin in order to make you feel safe?

5) How many people have to lose their jobs, their health insurance, their life savings, and most important precious time with their family and loved ones they will never get back to make you feel safe?

Also, remember this - if the TV news had never told you to be afraid of this virus, you wouldn't have. You'd have never given it a thought, you'd have gone about your life as usual along with everyone else. You'd likely have never known there was a virus at all, you’d have thought that this was just another type of Flu.

So, remember that all your fear and panic exists because you were TOLD to live in fear and panic.”

Some true Americans have the courage to sue to regain their constitutional rights.

Nurses giving harsh treatment to covid19 victims by way of ventilators in NYC presumably so their hospitals can get more federal dollars

If YouTube censored the above video, here is an alternate.

Francis' comment: instead of using the term "Nazi" the video below should have said "Stalin" he shows his level of Zionistic deception by claiming the Nazis would do this.

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas, a Democrat, has ordered pastors to turn over the names, address and phone numbers of anyone who enters church houses

Corona virus = common cold per the AMA Encyclopedia of Medicine, 1989 thats why they had to claim it mutated into COVID19.

I am pro life. But the pro choice movement has an effective slogan.


When this COVID19 farce and HUGE Govt over-re-action finally reaches its' endgame, the government will be telling us that our children MUST show vaccination papers to be allowed back into public schools, for the safety of everyone.
A photo
Hopefully Americans will be smart enough to DUMP the govt indoctrination centers known as public schools, and de-fund them.

Next your employer and the Government will say, "you cant go back to work, or interface with the public or travel on public transportation or cross state lines until you show your vaccination papers". Then it is time for all Americans to exercise our 2nd amendment rights.

A photo
COVID19 Policy

Another important question raised by the FAKE COVID19 Pandemic is:

Why would the Medical Profession Lie to us?

Specifically about the dangers of the corona virus aka COVID19? Exaggerating its dangers to the extreme.

A photo

Answer: The CDC, FDA and WHO are heavily influenced by the drug companies and the Bill & Linda Gates Foundation (which is heavily invested in vaccines). Whoever comes up with the vaccine will be seen as the savior of the world, by the media, not to mention that they will make $billions. Chances are it will be the Bill Gates Foundation that comes up w. the vaccine. Or some company with Zionist connections.

Now you know why Fauci poo poos Hydroxychloroquine
A photo
saying it is only anecdotal (stories) and not double blind tested and peer reviewed, so we cant use that. What a joke. If Fauci were serious about curing COVID19 would he not jump all over Hydroxychloroquine's "stories" and check them out to see if they were true?

A photo

A photo

Ever since the clean-unclean ceremonial law distinction has been done away, All consumable substances in the Bible are are treated like Alcohol is, Drink not to Drunkeness, Eat not to Dullness

A photo
The Bible is reasonable, when it comes to Alcohol and Drugs. God knew our lives would be hard, down here on planet earth "with the world, you shall have tribulation" so He gave us a few forms of pleasure and escape from our woes". These are not to be denied, except when abuse is found. Drugs are to be treated like Alcohol. All should be legal and readily available for purchase by the vast majority of the population. Of course abusers, children, addicts, drunk drivers, etc. need to have substance controls placed upon them, (by the family first, church next, and state last) until they can grow in wisdom to handle these substances.

Abuse can take many forms. Intensity, Duration, Addiction.

Intensity: even once, dont get so drunk - high that you lose control, unless you are in a safe place to lose control in, like in the privacy of your own home, and before going to bed, e.g. Lot drank to the point of drunkeness "losing control" in his own home and before retiring to bed, and was not chastized by the Lord for it. His sin was in the activity he entered into while drunk, but he could have done that w/o the alcohol, as many abusing fathers have done since. The alcohol did not MAKE him commit this sin, Lot had other influences that made him sin after drunkeness. Likewise Noah, got drunk and lay naked, which caused his sons to walk backward to see not his nakedness and cover him. The Alcohol did not MAKE him sleep naked. Neither was Noah reprimanded by the Lord for his drinking. High School Students at a beer party, getting drunk, then roughing up their dates, and or trying to drive home drunk, are a clear violation of the intensity clause here. They are not in the privacy of their own home, and responsible for no other activity than going to bed.

Duration: one who is habitually drinking to escape the problems of life, is guilty of proverbs "who has woe, he that tarries long over wine, ..." He needs counsel by his family and the church, for what to do, to solve lifes problems, so he doesn't need so much "escape". And his escape needs to be rerouted to "casting your cares upon the Lord", doing Bible Study, and going to church. Fellowshipping with Christians. (taking trips with them, watching videos with them, going on outings, picnics, etc.) learn to have fun in other ways than escaping thru substance abuse.

Addiction: Much the same as Duration. Paul said "all things are lawfull to me, but not all things are profitable". If you ever get to the point where you cant give up the drug or booze, you are addicted. The Christian is to have only ONE addiction, the Lord Jesus Christ, who delivers from all other addicitons. The Addict needs church counseling, being put on a fast (water only) and after that a change of circumstances, job, environment, friends, life, so that the same pressures dont drive him to addiction again. If the church fails in its duty, the state will have to step in and force him into a rehab center, and of course make access to drugs and booze illegal in his case.

When we get legalistic (legislating where God has not) civilization pays a high price for going against Gods law. You give Law Enforcement an impossible job to do, you create criminal records (make criminals of Biblically innocent people, just for possession), and you help bankrupt the taxpayer by filling up your jails w. innocent people. We need all the benefits of legalized Hemp (Marijuana). Christians (of which I am one) unfortunately have fallen for the lie that this plant, given us by God, is bad.

Legalism is legislating where God hath not.

If God says something is good, who are we to outlaw it? Genesis 1:29 Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food."

For all the benefits of growing and using Hemp in manufacturing
A photo
(like our nation used to do, it was our number one crop, and like our founding fathers did, go to youtube and search term "the best Marijuana documentary you will ever see".

Every Christian who votes against Legalized Hemp is contributing to Jail overcrowding, and ruining young mens lives by unBiblically giving them a criminal record. Not to mention denying your state the boost in income that comes from legalization. Although I would prefer the Pennsylvania method of State Govt ABC stores selling all addictive substances (alcohol, pot, other drugs) so that addicts and abusers could be shut off. There is great income potential for the Agricultural states, that they are missing out on, here, because we dont know our Bibles.

A photo
Prohibition DIDNT WORK for alcohol in the 1930's, it only made the mob rich who smuggled it in, and so today, Marijuana prohibition isnt working either. The common man still has easy access to it, though it is illegal.

But we are missing out on the superior cloth, paper, Bio-Diesel, and even car bodies that would come from it.

USA Today did a survey of all 50 states, see:

Cleaning up our Air

Is there nothing that can be done about the smog caused by the Gas and Diesel Engine? This solution gets us off gas and diesel entirely, cheaply and efficiently, if the government would just let us. And no, it is not the electric car, in this case.

Is there no way to eliminate the stench from our feedyards?

Answer, YES, there is a way, and it would generate methane gas for energy, an effluent for fertilizer, and a bio degradable fiber mat for weed control on row crop acres. Our Feedlots should be pushed by the county/state govt. to do Bio-Digester experimentation for Feedlot runoff, and testing the effluent for fertilizer and the bio-degradeable fiber mat for weed control on row crop to solve the smell problem, water run-off pollution problem and herbicide for weed control issues.

If you havent yet heard the facts presented in the video and audio linked to, on this web page, it would be good to review them now. See:

What happened in Wuhan China was a Chemical Weapons attack by us on our own people. The video Plandemic 1 at 11min 15 sec's, documents how $3.7 million was given the WuHan Lab in Wuhan china by USA's NIH (National Institutes of Health), and that a sub-dept of NIH called NIAID headed by Fauci was conducting experiments on the corona virus in the past, AT THE WUHAN LAB.

See also The 1 hour and 15 minute video PLANDEMIC 2 How Anthony Fauci & others are profiting from COVID19

The 16 minute skinny on COVID19, what it is all about.

How accurate are those COVID19 tests, anyway

The Nobel-prize winning inventor (Dr. Kary B. Mullis) of the test (PCR) (currently being used to test for COVID19) did not believe it should be used to diagnose infectious illness... at a certain point of amplification every single person would test positive.

"I am a Doctor and I know the truth about vaccinations" How Vaccinations affected my baby daughter Pandemics have been planned by Rockefeller foundation since 2014

Did we really need to flatten the curve?

Important Facts about COVID19 compiled by the Swiss

The Ultimate Goal is to implant a micro chip into you

California is having problems keeping people in jail. They have to release em, because they might contact the corona virus

Why do all the Zionist controlled countries have the most corona virus cases? Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas, a Democrat, has ordered pastors to turn over the names, address and phone numbers of anyone who enters church houses

COVID19 raises other important questions too, like why are all the media united on this issue, why do they all FAN THE FLAMES promoting the pandemic? The answer to that question lies in the fact of WHO OWNS THE MEDIA, in America.

Who Owns the Media in America Today - 22 minutes

407-588-9940 this phone number does take texts